13 Mar 2012

Name plates

So here's the other bit of commissioned work I was doing last week, a few name plates.
I find that this is a pretty popular item and it's popularity was aptly explained by a friend who mentioned that people generally like seeing their names and / or photos on gifts that they are given. Totally makes sense to me! :)
So here goes..

The base of the name plates are made from chipboard. (on another note, I buy chipboard, or as they call it, greyboard, in really huge sheets measuring 1m by 1m from art friend for a mere $1.50!!) The designs of the nameplates are usually specified clients, often based on their friend's personality.
For these 3, my favourite would have to be the blueish one with the bed design! I was scratching my head on how to represent a bed and finally decided to create some skirting on a simple bedframe. Thought it tuned out quite well!
Woww. 3 posts in 3 days! I'm keeping up! Will try to finish up my project life pages soon.. I'm losing count of how many weeks I'm behind oops.


Madeylim said...

I agree! Aside from seeing my present wrapped up, i would also love to see small notecard or a birthday card. It just shows how personalized the gift is for someone.

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