4 Dec 2011

December daily days 1 to 3

So here they are, days 1 to 3 with photos!
I know I said I'll keep it simple, but day 3 was a astonishingly eventful day that warranted 3 pages :) did a small insert for day 3 where I bundled up 2 journalling cards and 2 photos into a small booklet like thing & added it into the album!
Really excited to be embarking on this project, and I'm hopeful that I'll actually complete it! :)

3 Dec 2011

December daily!

Wow in a blink of an eye December is here!! I've decided to take on the challenge of doing a December daily after being super inspired by all the wonderful scrappers out there!
Of course, I've decided to make it super easy for me to keep up with this project by using just a photo a day and one simple story :)
Here's the cover of my dec daily and the first page of it!
Will try my very best to keep up, and post daily updates on this space! :)