30 Apr 2012

Some project life thoughts..

I was just shuffling through my external hard disk (after a scare that it died on me) when it dawned on me that project life has had a greater impact on me than I've realized.

All my photos prior to 2012 have been organized by events. Birthdays, holidays, trips to the zoo, national day parades and so on.

Those small little things that happened everyday would be grouped under a 'random' folder based on who the photos were taken with, like 'random with xxx', 'random with the girls' etc. There really weren't enough everyday photos to justify having monthly folders with photos that didn't belong to events.

And herein lies the biggest difference of 2012. Even if I tried, I don't think I would be able to group them into events.

I've taken a total of 1,512 photos for 2012, (bearing in mind it's only April, well the end of April but still) and the only 3 significant events were my 2 holidays overseas (which accounted for about 200 photos in total) and CNY (maybe another 80 photos or so). That would make more than 1,200 photos taken of those everyday little things that happened. Wow.

Even though I'm not current with my project life (haven't done weeks 9 - 12, 16 & 17, must catch up!!), I'm still loving the little nagging voice at the back of my mind reminding me to take photos of those little everyday thing, because looking back at the photos I've taken is like watching a video (albeit a choppy and scattered one since I'm really not all that diligent at taking photos) of the first 4 months of this year, and realizing that I have a ton of things to be grateful for, like my awesome husband, wonderful friends, great colleagues, and of course my supercalifraglistic family! :))

Ok enough words, I'll be back really soon this week with another post on my project life weeks 13, 14 & 15, a card that I made, and a really simple project kit-ish thing I helped my mum put together for her Sunday school's arts & crafts! :)

9 Apr 2012

Project life week 8

Well so I've finally got caught up on week 8! And started on week 13 and 14.. I figured, might as well put in whatever I can before I forget what happened!

Here's my week 8 spread..

Used my silhouette (whee!!) to cut out the title card for the week & decorated it a little with Amy tangerine / dear lizzy (loveeeeee!) stickers!
Realized that I was a little low on photos taken this week, so many spaces were filled up with filler cards / journalling instead of photos! I think it works pretty well!

For weeks 9 & 10, the focus is gonna be on my trips! Thinking of combining week 9 & 10 into 1 single spread with inserts for the trips (if required!)

So here's a little sneak of week 14....

7 Apr 2012

Guess who just got a new toy today!

And that would be me!! Woohoo!
Been playing with my silhouette the whooole evening :)))

My first experiment.. And many more to come!!!!

5 Apr 2012

Playing catch up...

I'm back!! :)
Have been absent from here cos of work commitments & a grueling exam (which is finally over!!!)

Gonna make full use of this long weekend to play catch up on posting here & on my project life! :)

Meanwhile, here are a layout & a card made during my looooong hiatus (I haven't even really broke out my dear lizzy stuff to use yet!!!!) for colleagues!

Can I just say that I LOVEEEE the dear lizzy line of products?? The colours are so pretty!!! Perfect for my colleague's god daughter who's really cute as well! I've got a major weakness for babies that stick their tongues out.
Anyways, since she wanted to incorporate more photos into the layout, I kinda made a flippy album using 4 photos & a piece of 4x6 paper (where I drew in borders and lines) for her to write a note to her god daughter to read in a few (many) years time (?)

The card was for a guy.. something simple & masculine-ish! Find that working with a grid design always works for me when making guy cards. Something in the lines that makes it more masculine?

Anyways, enough rambling!! Major hearts for long weekends! Have a good one y'all!! I'll be back sometime over this weekend with more stuff! :)