7 Apr 2012

Guess who just got a new toy today!

And that would be me!! Woohoo!
Been playing with my silhouette the whooole evening :)))

My first experiment.. And many more to come!!!!


Madeylim said...

*Screams!* you got the Cameo from overseas?!! Omggg... here comes all the intricate cuts!

Joan said...

hehehe yeaa! got the silhouette!! haven't played much with it yet though! it's available now in singapore.. almost the same price as from US! :)

SamSam said...

lucky u! mine was lost in the mail =( hopefully studio calico will reship a new one to me

SamSam said...

which shop did u get this from? maybe i would like to get more accessories =)

Joan said...

Sorry for the super late reply! Got my silhouette from scrapalicious at parkway parade.. Hope yours arrive soon!

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