19 Jun 2012

Giveaway winner!

Hi all!
Thanks for hopping by my blog!
The giveaway is now closed & winner selected:

Congrats to Wati! Do email me your details at scrapsncards@gmail.com for me to mail your kit out to you!

Hope all my new readers will continue dropping by! I'll definitely be doing more giveaways soon, really do need to clear my scrap space! :)

14 Jun 2012

Summer Instagram Blog Hop!


Welcome to the instagram summer blog hop! (Also my first ever blog hop!)
This bloghop is the brainchild of Jessy who gathered her instagram buddies (which includes me) around the world for a bloghop celebrating summer! 

So what's a celebration without a give away? For myself, I'll be giving away a kit (plus some more!) for your to complete your very own mini album like the one I made below! All you've gotta do is to subscribe to this blog & drop me a comment letting me know that you have done so! This giveaway starts on 14 June will end on 17 June, and I'll be announcing the winner here on 18 June, so do check back to see if you've won!

Here's a peek of the kit that the winner of the giveaway will be getting! 
(I'm still adding random things into the kit, like twine & ribbons that I missed out when packing the kit, so I'm hoping the winner will get a pleasant surprise when the open their package up!) 

What's more, all of the other instagramers are also doing their give aways on their blogs, so be sure to hop around to all their blogs (links are at the bottom of the post!) and do add us on instagram (@joancce for me!) to join this beyond awesome instagram community! 

As the final part of the hop today, here's the 5x5 mini album that I made for a friend whom I went on a really fun trip to Bangkok with!

Bloghop links: 
(do visit single everyone of them as they're doing giveaways on their blogs too!)

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3 Jun 2012

Ali got hitched!

So last weekend I was on a roll and managed to actually make a layout and this mini album!
It started out with me looking through my photos (There was once when the photoshop was having a 50% discount on prints and I kinda went mad printing photos for future scrapping.) and figuring that I couldn't fit all the photos of Ali's wedding into a single layout and then deciding that I would try making a mini album, subsequently deciding that I didn't have space at home to keep it and deciding to make it as a gift instead (wow long story much?!)
I mainly used pink paislee papers from one of their latest collection in a 5x5 size (since all the photos were 4x4 instagrams), chipboard covers and whatever embellies I could find!
Binding was done using my trusty eyelet setter ($12 from Chinatown!!) and leftover zutter binder rings that I forced together by hand.
Pretty happy with how it turned out! Will definitely be makin more mini albums since I've got so many more photos!!!

A flippy card

I saw this card on Jennifer McGuire's blog and thought I'll give it a try! And while I loved how it turned out, it took me more than 3 hours to create! (well nearly 2 of that was spent messing around on the silhouette trying to get the shape of the card right. On this note, do drop me a comment if you want the template for this card! I can send it over to you!)

I'm back to being obsessed with lace, pearls and doilies (which all appeared on this card), probably because the dear lizzy neapolitan line is so girly!

Going straight back to creating stuff now, and gonna try to get caught up with project life (eeks I'm only at week 17!!!!)

19 May 2012

New years eve 2011

Wow. My first layout in a zillion or so years! Took me less than half an hour to finish thanks to the really pretty Amy tangerine paper!
A really simple one to mark my return to making layouts!!
on a separate note, I've actually been keeping up (sorta.. At week 16 mow?) with project life.. Just haven't had the time to post them. Whoops. Soon I promise soon!

3 May 2012

Sunday school project!

With mother's day coming up, my mum needed to get the little ones at Sunday school to do up presents for their mothers!
She came up with sandwich making n then giving it in little decorated boxes which is where I come in!

I've gotta say that I really love the silhouette, it makes it terrifically easy to duplicate projects!

So bearing in mind that these are tiny tots (I think) that we are engaging, I broke out my sticker papers n cut a big 'happy mother's day' sentiment in a heart! also cut out flowers to brighten up the whole box! I mean, what's mother's day without flowers right?

Cut up some pieces of green papers for the background, layered a doily under the sentiment, added some hemp-ish looking twine and a couple of punched shapes and the flowers (with buttons added on) and we're done!

Duplicated it 12 times and packed them into little bags for the little ones!

30 Apr 2012

Some project life thoughts..

I was just shuffling through my external hard disk (after a scare that it died on me) when it dawned on me that project life has had a greater impact on me than I've realized.

All my photos prior to 2012 have been organized by events. Birthdays, holidays, trips to the zoo, national day parades and so on.

Those small little things that happened everyday would be grouped under a 'random' folder based on who the photos were taken with, like 'random with xxx', 'random with the girls' etc. There really weren't enough everyday photos to justify having monthly folders with photos that didn't belong to events.

And herein lies the biggest difference of 2012. Even if I tried, I don't think I would be able to group them into events.

I've taken a total of 1,512 photos for 2012, (bearing in mind it's only April, well the end of April but still) and the only 3 significant events were my 2 holidays overseas (which accounted for about 200 photos in total) and CNY (maybe another 80 photos or so). That would make more than 1,200 photos taken of those everyday little things that happened. Wow.

Even though I'm not current with my project life (haven't done weeks 9 - 12, 16 & 17, must catch up!!), I'm still loving the little nagging voice at the back of my mind reminding me to take photos of those little everyday thing, because looking back at the photos I've taken is like watching a video (albeit a choppy and scattered one since I'm really not all that diligent at taking photos) of the first 4 months of this year, and realizing that I have a ton of things to be grateful for, like my awesome husband, wonderful friends, great colleagues, and of course my supercalifraglistic family! :))

Ok enough words, I'll be back really soon this week with another post on my project life weeks 13, 14 & 15, a card that I made, and a really simple project kit-ish thing I helped my mum put together for her Sunday school's arts & crafts! :)