3 May 2012

Sunday school project!

With mother's day coming up, my mum needed to get the little ones at Sunday school to do up presents for their mothers!
She came up with sandwich making n then giving it in little decorated boxes which is where I come in!

I've gotta say that I really love the silhouette, it makes it terrifically easy to duplicate projects!

So bearing in mind that these are tiny tots (I think) that we are engaging, I broke out my sticker papers n cut a big 'happy mother's day' sentiment in a heart! also cut out flowers to brighten up the whole box! I mean, what's mother's day without flowers right?

Cut up some pieces of green papers for the background, layered a doily under the sentiment, added some hemp-ish looking twine and a couple of punched shapes and the flowers (with buttons added on) and we're done!

Duplicated it 12 times and packed them into little bags for the little ones!


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