4 Dec 2011

December daily days 1 to 3

So here they are, days 1 to 3 with photos!
I know I said I'll keep it simple, but day 3 was a astonishingly eventful day that warranted 3 pages :) did a small insert for day 3 where I bundled up 2 journalling cards and 2 photos into a small booklet like thing & added it into the album!
Really excited to be embarking on this project, and I'm hopeful that I'll actually complete it! :)

3 Dec 2011

December daily!

Wow in a blink of an eye December is here!! I've decided to take on the challenge of doing a December daily after being super inspired by all the wonderful scrappers out there!
Of course, I've decided to make it super easy for me to keep up with this project by using just a photo a day and one simple story :)
Here's the cover of my dec daily and the first page of it!
Will try my very best to keep up, and post daily updates on this space! :)

12 Nov 2011


Wow! I've really been neglecting this space haven't I? Not that I haven't been creating, just so so so busy with everything that I forgot to write in here!

Ever since crafts actually came about, I've been doing a lot more crafting for others than I have for myself, but just to make sure I remember why I love this hobby, I must make something for myself everyweek, no matter how swamped I am!

Here's one i created last week.. As you can see, I'm trying to use up all the leftover thickers I have! Thought this looks quite cute :)

Ok i promise not to neglect this space too much in future! Signing off here! :)

29 Oct 2011


I've been wayyyy to exhausted to scrap the whole of this week.. Sharing a layout done last weekend using only dcwv papers!

The inspiration is from this layout.. Hand stitched the papers together and fussy cut the butterflies after to add more interest!

Finally used some of my eyelets on a layout!!

27 Oct 2011

Project life

!!!!!! It's finally coming to Singapore!! Put in my orders as soon as I heard about it :))

23 Oct 2011

Mickey parts!

This weekend has been a very productive one.. scrap-wise that is!
Managed to finish 4 (!!) layouts, which is a hugeee achievement for me since I kinda take quite long to finish even 1 layout! especially when I'm not using the same collection for all the layouts..
Here's one of them that I scraplifted off elle studio's blog.. not too sure which post it was though.

Really do like this layout with all the washi tape & I even tried crinkling up paper to give it a shabby(ish) effect!

19 Oct 2011


This week (so far) has been an awesome week! Got spotted on my LSS's blog, won their challenge (even if it's by random drawing heh), got 8 new pairs of shoes and 11 new dresses frm m'sia on a business trip!

Now on to some scrappy stuff.. Broke out some (oldish) basic grey to create these 3 layouts. I love that 2 sheets of patterned papers plus 3.5 sheets of card stock could give me 3 layouts n 1 card within 3 hours! I find that I can scrap way faster when I limit myself to a certain stash of supplies and not have to think too much about what else to choose.
Anyhoo, on to the layouts! Love that the basic grey papers looks very different depending on which corner of the paper I use!
For the layout on Joan of arc, the 2 left most strips of papers are from different parts of the same sheet!
I think I'll see myself using a lot more of basic grey! :))

16 Oct 2011

Chapel bridge

3 months after I've been back from Europe and I haven't finished scrapping all my photos yet!!
Here's one from the second leg of the journey in luzern..
I loveeee papers from die cut with a view! The glitter details on their paper are really pretty! I think this is from their garden stack.. One of my gazillion dcwv stacks!


My card got spotted on my LSS's (Made With Love) blog!
First time being "published"!!

10 Oct 2011

Rock Climbing and the Lourve!

2 more layouts from my Europe trip.. I'm at 29 layouts and counting! Thank goodness for American Craft's huge D-ring binders to put all of them in.. :)

This were 2 very random photos taken of the boy pretending to climb a rock wall while we were walking along the cliff of Mount Pilatus.. can almost pass for climbing rightt! I finally used the green polka dotted ribbons that i bought like ageeees ago!

Can I just say I loveeee the lourve.. (oo these 2 words are really similar) even though i actually didn't go in.. but i've got a totally valid reason!! By the time we reached the lourve it was already 8.30 at night (don't be fooled by the sunlight.. it was already sunset!) and it didn't really make sense to pay the full admission price to go in for half an hour! And that was our last day in Paris ):

Anyway, on to the layout, I'm stilll obsessed over the Amy tangerine collection as you might see.. this layout was made only from scraps that I had lying around.. and the camera was from a digital kit I bought from oscraps.com. I've used it obsessively.. probably one of the best purchases I made! :)

Can I just say I realized what a big difference taking photos in the sun makes?? The photo of my butterfly layout was taken with my iphone camera in the sun.. and it made the layout look so different! Unfortunately I can only take photos in the sun on weekends.. growllls

9 Oct 2011

Let there be butterflies!

My LSS had a scrapbook challenge this week to not use any patterned papers & create our own "patterned papers" from any form of mediums.

I decided to break out my newly bought studio calico butterfly masks for use with my tattered angel glimmer mists! (I'm recently obsessed with mists and inks.. oo the versatility!!)

So with my one set of masks, I started my first attempt.. and this was the result. Yucks! Evidently i'm not skilled enough in mediums to block off one area while misting another to create a uniform layer.

Short of running out to my LSS to purchase a few more sets of masks (which is totally against my scrapbook supplies ban this month) there was nothing I could do.. or was there?

Remembering the stack of thick transparencies I bought on a whim from another crafts supply shop, I decided to try to replicate the masks a few time! After tracing the original masks on some scrap paper multiple times, I used some glue to glue my thick transparencies on the scrap paper around the butterfly (making sure not to let the glue touch any bit of the butterflies) and cut them out!

This worked like a charm and now I had enough butterflies to create my background (and wayyyy more butterflies than i started with!!)
The butterflies at the top are the actual studio calico ones and the ones at the bottom are those i cut out!
Here's a quick look at my final background!

The rest of the layout came together really quickly, and I barely broke out any other supplies..
I outlined all the butterflies with a black pen (have you guys used staedtler pens/markers?? they're really awesome!!), tried using a reverse mask from a punched out butterfly (didn't really like the effect but oh well), photo mat was from the packaging of the butterfly masks, stuck down some random pieces of lace laying around, used stickers from cosmo cricket and I punched out even more butterflies from scrap pieces of cardstock (coloured & misted).

Long post from me today! Hope you found the mini tutorial on how to make your own masks useful!

6 Oct 2011

Paris (again)

I'm so in love with all the photos taken with the Eiffel tower! Have created 3 layouts with these photos, and will do even more when I'm done with the rest of the photos from the different places!
Short post today, work has been excruciatingly exhausting :)

30 Sep 2011

A layout and a booboo

Sharing another layout I did during the class at my LSS. The cool part of this layout is that it incorporates a mini book behind the album, meaning that I can put a ton (ok 10) more photos into my layout without cluttering it!
Realized after the class that I haven't been creating layouts with flowers on them and that I really miss flowers! Definitely gonna incorporate them on my next layout!
In other scrapbook related news, this silly girl here mistook glue tape refills for the runner itself n bought a couple of them without even having the runner. Damn. Now off to my LSS to buy the runner while there's still a discount going on!

26 Sep 2011

Little moments

Love the photograph used in this layout which was taken during our wedding banquet!
Realized that candid shots are really great for capturing the emotions of the moment!
This layout is somewhat out of the ordinary for me, I usually prefer clean lines with more white space. Created during a class at my LSS, and thought it was a great learning experience! :)

24 Sep 2011

Card set

Made this card and envelope set upon a request from a colleague. Came together quite quickly especially since I used the front n back of a single sheet!
I also decided to decorate the inside a little with some scraps and my (favourite!!) butterfly punch!
The envelope came together pretty easily as well using washi tape and my other butterfly punch! ;)

21 Sep 2011


It has been 2 extremely busy days at work, so much so that I didn't have any time at all to do any scrappy stuff :(
But anyway, on to happier things, here's a layout I did over the weekend about my favorite part of Paris! The croissant every morning! The buttery, fluffy goodness that when combined with strawberry preserve is my little piece of heaven! :)

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm absolutely in love with the Amy tangerine line with all it's gorgeous papers and embellies! Looking forward to using even more of it! :)

18 Sep 2011

For my friends first nappie!

After procrastinating for about 3 weeks I've finally managed to print out this adorable photo of my friend's nephew (otherwise known as her nappie)!

A simple layout that came together really quickly so as not to take the focus away from that adorable face!
Some cut chickadees from a sheet of scraps and stamping using my new studio calico stamps! :)

I've recently discovered the beauty of scrapping from a single collection, i.e it takes me a whole lot less time in terms of coordinating papers n embellies! Think I'm going to spend some time mixing and matching some 'kits' up in advance for quicker scrapping.

16 Sep 2011


After getting my new punch and flowers from the LSS, I just had to use it on a layout!
This page was great for using up my scraps by punching out all my butterflies from little scraps!
One of my favorite layouts to date!

13 Sep 2011


Finally decided to start up a blog so that I'll have a place to keep a record of all the pages / cards / albums that I've been creating!
To start off the blog, here's a layout created using the new Amy tangerine line by American crafts! Absolutely love the bright colours in this line and can foresee myself using wayyy more of the stuff from this line!

Cut out little scraps of papers to form the hexagonal pattern to hopefully bring the eye towards the photo.
Enjoyed making this layout and hope you like it too!