10 Oct 2011

Rock Climbing and the Lourve!

2 more layouts from my Europe trip.. I'm at 29 layouts and counting! Thank goodness for American Craft's huge D-ring binders to put all of them in.. :)

This were 2 very random photos taken of the boy pretending to climb a rock wall while we were walking along the cliff of Mount Pilatus.. can almost pass for climbing rightt! I finally used the green polka dotted ribbons that i bought like ageeees ago!

Can I just say I loveeee the lourve.. (oo these 2 words are really similar) even though i actually didn't go in.. but i've got a totally valid reason!! By the time we reached the lourve it was already 8.30 at night (don't be fooled by the sunlight.. it was already sunset!) and it didn't really make sense to pay the full admission price to go in for half an hour! And that was our last day in Paris ):

Anyway, on to the layout, I'm stilll obsessed over the Amy tangerine collection as you might see.. this layout was made only from scraps that I had lying around.. and the camera was from a digital kit I bought from oscraps.com. I've used it obsessively.. probably one of the best purchases I made! :)

Can I just say I realized what a big difference taking photos in the sun makes?? The photo of my butterfly layout was taken with my iphone camera in the sun.. and it made the layout look so different! Unfortunately I can only take photos in the sun on weekends.. growllls


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