9 Apr 2012

Project life week 8

Well so I've finally got caught up on week 8! And started on week 13 and 14.. I figured, might as well put in whatever I can before I forget what happened!

Here's my week 8 spread..

Used my silhouette (whee!!) to cut out the title card for the week & decorated it a little with Amy tangerine / dear lizzy (loveeeeee!) stickers!
Realized that I was a little low on photos taken this week, so many spaces were filled up with filler cards / journalling instead of photos! I think it works pretty well!

For weeks 9 & 10, the focus is gonna be on my trips! Thinking of combining week 9 & 10 into 1 single spread with inserts for the trips (if required!)

So here's a little sneak of week 14....


Madeylim said...

Your project life looks so pretty with your new toy!! guess i will save up my money to get a big shot first. hehe.. i'm glad you have caught up with your project life anyway.

Joan said...

haha don't go with a big shot!! it's almost as expensive right?? anyways let me know if you want any help cutting stuff out, I can always cut them for you! make the best use of my 'investment' ;)

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