11 Mar 2012

Project life week 7

Right! So my later was really a little later than I anticipated..
Here's project life week 7 for me, otherwise known as the week of calm before the storm (try rushing 3 big presentations, traveling to 2 different countries coupled with 2 lost passports before coming back to rush 2 big orders all within 2 weeks or so)
Week 7 was valentine's week and the highlight was definitely the crazily cute flower arrangement the husband sent to the office! :)
So here goes.. This week was somewhat lightish on the photos.. So I ended up using the protectors that had less spaces ;)


Madeylim said...

Welcome back babe!

Joan said...

thanks for sticking aroundd even while the cobwebs were forming.. haha

Madeylim said...

LOL! *clears cobwebs*

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