19 Feb 2012


Ok since the start of the year, life is finally getting in the way of me finishing my project life weekly, in both a good way and bad way.
Besides work, which is as busy as ever, I'm spending my Sunday afternoon with my girlfriends taking up my usual appointment with PL! So that, to me is a good thing! :)
Anyways, since I haven't actually been scrapping, here's an iPhone app that I discovered through the daily digi! It's called red stamp and it creates awesome looking postcards like this:

I can think of so manyyyy awesome ways to use it in project life already! It's almost like digi scrapping on my iPhone!! :)

Oh yes, I also downloaded this new app called snapseed (which i used to edit the photo in the postcard), an app which is somewhat like instagram, only better cos it doesn't crop your photos into squares which gets annoying sometimes! (got it one of the days when it was free.. Not sure if it still is!)


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